Why Aceis Group?

A one price fits all approach for online health and safety training.



Our online courses are fully optimized for a smooth experience no matter what device you are using. Desktop PC, Laptop, Android, or Iphone; our health and safety courses are accessible anywhere.



We use a credit based system for our online training. No wasting money on health and safety courses you don't need, but all the benefits of buying in bulk.



Our system allows you to register yourself or others for online training, but not only that, allows you to track the progress of those you have registered. Perfect for a larger company.


Not only is the base price of our health and safety training courses lower then the competition, but you also have the option to buy in bulk for additional savings.

Our Online System

There is no doubt about it, online training is fast becoming the approach many are looking for to get themselves and others trained. New training standards such as Working at Heights are a great example in that they even have guidlines for blended learning included. There is just no escaping it. Of course there will always be a large demand for in class and on-site training, but with online technologies becoming better it is far easier to have a worker trained at home with a small on-site portion from a supervisor, instead of a lengthy full day on-site course. This is especially true when you need only a few workers trained, in the long run the savings do add up.

Here at Aceis Group we have made it even easier with are one price fits all approach to online occupational health and safety training. We use a credit based system where you purchase an amount of credits and enroll in the training courses you require; but that is just the start. Once you have purchased credits for our courses you essentially become an administrator of online courses. This will allow you to not only enroll yourself in courses that we offer, but you may also create new users and enroll them in courses using your already purchased credits. This is perfect to get your workers trained if you are a company owner or supervisor in charge of training. The best part is you get to track their progress. As one of your users finishes a course you will have access to their certificate of completion, ensuring you always have the paperwork you need when the inspector rolls around.


All the features

Each course is a single credit.

Get trained in almost any occupational health and safety topic we have for just a single credit. Extremely extensive courses may be split in to 2 courses.

You may register new users with existing credits.

If you have credits and a worker needs to get trained you simply register them and enroll them. A single form and a couple of clicks and they will recieve an email with there username and password.

You choose the username of your registered users, never have a conflict.

We use a prefixed username system. This allows you to use your existing employee naming or numbering system to enroll users making it easier for them to remember login credentials. If you do happen to enter a username that exists already it means you have already registered that person which is a couple less fields to fill out when enrolling the user. As an example, if your assigned prefix is 'BRI' your registered users may have usernames such as 'BRI-45673' or 'BRI-JDoe123'. Note that your prefix will be based on the company name that you provide making it easy to remember as well.

Register users now or later.

When your initially purchase credits you will be asked if you would like to use your credits to enroll other users to courses. If you choose yes then you will get a form where you can create and enroll user for courses right away. If you choose not to register now or have any credits left over after enrolling users then you will have access to a special form from your account section of the website.

Self Paced Learning

All our courses are module based with quizzes at the end. Participants may complete the modules at their own pace to make sure they know the material well when they get to the final evaluation.

Quizzes Throughout

This ensures all participants have a strong understanding of the materials before moving on to the next module. Health and safety can literally mean life and death so all aspects must be thoroughly understood.

Certificate of Completion

All participants will have access to a certificate of completion once they are successful in the final evaluation. This certificate will also be available to the Administrator for that particpant - the user that enrolled them -  should they have one.

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